The Shop Edit

The Shop is a application located in The Phone. The Shop holds a variety of different equipment that can be bought using in-game money.

Reels Edit

There are seven reels in the game.

Reel Description Cost
50M Line "Your first line. You two go way back." N/A (Starting item)
100M Line "Increases your line to 100m. Compensate for your lack of distance." $40
200M Line "Increases your line to 200m. A nice lavendar color you'll love." $250
300M Line "Dive deep to a whole new 300m. Enough to reach the bottom of Home Waters!" $500
500M Line "500m, wowie! That'll reach the bottom of Stormy Seas!" $2,000
700M Line ”Enough to reach the bottom of Arctic Floes! So many bottoms… $7,000
Infinity Reel ”Increases your line to…uh.. forever! Great for bottomless Norwegian areas… $20,000

Guns Edit

There are eleven guns in the game.

Gun Description Cost
Pistol "Ol' Trusty. Honest, simple, and most importantly: Free." N/A (Starting item)
Shotgun "chk chk BOOM" $200
Uzi "Roll like a gangsta." $580
Akimbo Uzis "Use two of your ten inputs to output murder!" $1,700
Minigun "Take dead aim on the rich fish." $2,600
Akimbo Miniguns ”Get them in the crosshairs and take ‘em down.” $20,000
Magnum "Feeling lucky?" $3,000
Blunderbus "*chk chk chk chk BOOOOOM* The superman of shotguns." $3,000
Auto Shotgun “*chk BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM* The batman of shotguns.” $12,500
Orbital Ray “Hold. Hooold. Hooooooooooooolllllld. And release the almighty.” $10,000
Bazooka “The heaviest legal fishing equipment.” $50,000

Lures Edit

There are eight lures in the game.

Lure Description Cost
Basic Lure "You can catch fish with this! Works well underwater. 100% Guarantee." N/A (Starting item)
Chainsaw Lure "For those who don't want to go around fish. Tap and hold to use while fishing." $120
Fuel Tank "Allows you to boost longer." $800
Boost-Saw Lure "Allows you to descend faster while sawing." $1,200
Hover-Saw Lure "Allows you to descend faster while sawing, or rise slower on command." $1,800
Swiss-Made Lure “The swiss army knife of lures! Allows you to saw, descend faster, rise slower and even shoots out blades!” $10,000
Massive Fuel Tank “Double the tank, double the pleasure.” $8,000
Oil Drilling Permit “The most fuel a fisherman can legally use.” $25,000

Tech Edit

There are nine tech items in the game.

Item Description Cost
Spring "Makes the fish fly higher with the fury of their own velocity." $600
Antigravity ”A double reverse black hole in the center of Earth so the fish don’t fall as fast.” $6,500
Toaster "A second chance! With this, the first fish you hit get the juice. (Dies of electrocution)." $900
Hairdryer "A third chance! The second fish you hit gets electrocuted (the most expensive hairdryer in the world)." $2,300
Tesla Coil “Super charges your toaster and hairdryer so they kill all visible fish. Wow.” $12,000
Boot "Allows you to start at 100m in Home Waters (after you've reached it once.)" $1,000
Bowlingball “Allows you to start at 200m in Stormy Seas (after you’ve reached it once.)”
Oil Drum “Allows you to start at 300m in Arctic Floes (after you’ve reached it once.)
Knife “Talk about boring! Lets you cut your line mid-fishing and return to the surface.” $7,000
Lamp "A must have for deep-sea fishing." $600
Large Lamp “A nice-to-have For deepest sea fishing.” $4,000

Misc. Edit

There are nine miscellaneous items in the game.

Item Description Cost
Cap "The finest in redneck headwear." $2
Gnarkepi “She was a beaut!
Jellmet “Please take it.”
Fishopedia "#2 Best fishing guide of 1996." $30
Suit "Made of cashmere wool, allows you to sell fish for 10% more." $1,200
Wizard Robe “Made of wizard skin, allows you to sell fish for 20% more.” $6,000
Emperor's Suit “Made of Billy skin, allows you to sell fish 50% more.” $30,000
Paper Hat $80,000
Pirate Hat $80,000
Army Hat “There are many of these, but this one is just for you.” $10,000
Hunting Hat “You’ll poke your eye out!” $10,000
Frozen Hat “…Dad’s hat.” N/A (Reward for beating the game)
Hedjet ”Well… this is mysterious.” $20,000